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Disciplines (5th year)


Disciplines (5th year)

Special sections of chemical technology of inorganic substances. 2. Theoretical bases, technology and equipment of adsorption and water purification processes

Adsorption, adsorbents and catalysts based on them

Modern problematic issues of the chemical technology of inorganic substances

Precision methods for analysis of inorganic substances

Chemical technology of catalysts and catalytic processes

Algorithmization and programming of scientific and technical calculations

Designing of manufactures of inorganic substances

Technology and equipment for obtaining drinking and technical water

Wastewater Treatment Technology

Theory of the processes of production of inorganic substances

Special sections of chemical technology of inorganic substances

Information support of scientific research

Technology of neutralization and utilization of gas and solid waste in inorganic industries

Chemical technology of soda and soda products

Factors of successful employment in the specialty

Fundamentals of technological design 2 Systems of automatic design

Fundamentals of technological design

Fundamentals of Scientific Research

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