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Department of Technology inorganic substances and general chemical technology (THP and Ohta) - one of the oldest in the CPI. It was founded in September 1898 at the chemical division, which later turned into the Chemical Engineering Department.
Organizer and first head of the department was a graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology engineer chemister K.H.Dementyev (1864-1916), who in 1903 defended his thesis ad'yunktsku, then was elected by the Academic Council of the Institute extraordinary, and a year later - an ordinary professor. He later became a famous scientist who wrote the first textbook on chemical engineering minerals and building materials, which contributed to the training of engineers, chemists and technologists of chemical plants in Ukraine. These books were books K.H.Dementyeva "factory-chemical control of major mineral production technology," Heat and factory furnaces "," New in mineral production technologies "," Technology of building materials, "" Types of factory furnaces ".

In K.H.Dementyeva, the teacher of the course "Technology of Building Materials" from 1906 to 1912 was F.Y.Iodello engineer who wrote the book "Brief guidelines for testing of building materials." Teachers of the department read courses "Technology minerals" (300 hours) and "Technology of building materials" (300 hours), and led the laboratory work of students, course and diploma projects.

The first issue of engineers of the department in 1903 and ekzamenuvav praised D.I. Mendyelyeyev. From 1903 to 1918, the department has produced 132 engineers specialty "Technology of building materials", "Technology minerals" and "Technology of electrochemical production."

In 1903, Professor KG Dementiev was elected dean and member of the Academic Council of the engineering department and the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the chemical department of the Institute, and from 31 May 1908 until 1911 he held the post of rector of the Institute. In 1911 K.H.Dementyev went to the forced resignation of the rector and went to Don (now Novocherkassk) Polytechnic Institute.

At the same time teaching position in technology minerals and construction materials has been invited to the Don Institute graduate Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute D.O.Chornobayev assistant (1874-1943), who was a student of the famous scientist and engineer, Professor O.F.Orlova. After scientific training in Germany, France and Switzerland, which lasted three years, D.O.Chornobayev defended in 1915 ad'yunktsku thesis "Determination of the heats of formation of silicates by Le Chatelier" and received a doctorate scholar. Then he was elected chairman of the department of technology of building materials and minerals. A post he held until 1941 (because it is not invalidnosti zmih evacuated with the institute, remained in Kiev, where he died Nov. 3, 1943).

From 1912 teacher of technology of building materials was a graduate of the Department B.S.Lysin, who in 1921 headed the department of technology sylikativ, separated from the department of technology of mineral substances.

On the basis of the technology department of mineral substances has been established as electrochemical production technology department, which vidokremylas in 1929 and still exists. Department called: Department of basic chemical technology. Under the guidance of Professor D.O.Chornobayeva the department formed a scientific field and created a scientific school on studying mechanisms INORGANIC processes taking place at high temperatures.

During 1925 - 1940 years under the leadership of Professor D.O.Chornobayeva prepared 11 candidates, of whom became teachers of technology lecturers O.S.Plyhunov mineral substances (1904 - 1975), O.H.Zhyvotovskyy, and M.M.Troyan Other. Later O.S.Plyhunov received the academic rank of professor and chair zaviduvav from 1941 to 1975 year. O.H.Zhyvotovskyy from 1956 until 1960 zaviduvav department in Lviv politehnichnomu instytuti. Successfully completed his postgraduate studies under the direction of Professor D.O.Chornobayeva defended his thesis also Yu.K.Delimarskyy, which then became an academician and director of the Institute of General and Inorganic himiyi Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

From 1923 to 1939 Professor D.O.Chornobaev year together with the students created manuals and textbooks for students and engineers, "Teplovыe raschetы education cement clinker brick", "Teplovыe raschetы vraschayuschyhsya furnaces", "Calculation of temperature and pressure at the gas fuel horinni" "Fuel, his horinnya general methods and calculations factory furnaces", "Exercises in specially Raschetnыe course osnovnoj chemical technology", "heat capacity gases" (including O.H.Zhyvotovskym), "equilibrium constants of gas reactions" (with OG .Zhyvotovskym). In 1935 YEAR O.S.Plyhunov defended his thesis "Research of conditions of formation of sodium ferytiv by thermal analysis" and was elected assistant professor of basic himichnoyi technology.

In 1941 the Department together with the Institute was evacuated to Tashkent, where she worked on the basis of the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute to return in 1943 - 1944 in Kyiv.

3 Tashkenti time spent in the department was headed by AS Plyhunov that after returning to Kyiv was appointed as director of KPI and headed it for 30 years, and in 1964 YEAR approved in zvanni scientist professor, received the title of Honored Worker of Science and Technology.

After returning from evacuation chair was named "Technology INORGANIC substances." Faculty, in addition to special courses THP began to teach a course of general himichnoyi technology (Ohta), which now read for students of all specialties HTF and faculty of chemical engineering.

From 1947 to 1960 year were associate professors Ohta M.M.Troyan, N.P.Hodak assistant M.I.Shymanska. Technology INORGANIC substances lecturers taught O.S.Plyhunov, M.M.Troyan, senior lecturer M.H.Dmytrenko.

In 1962 YEAR department called "Department of Technology INORGANIC substances and general chemical technology that has continues to be.

To meet the needs of the chemical industry in engineers able to design, implement and operate the production facilities of chemical control and automation industries, the department in 1956, was launched with preparation inzheneriv spetsialnosti "Automation of chemical production." 3 this end, the laboratory, developed training programs and lectures pidhotovleni control and automation of chemical production. In execution of this work actively involved M.H.Dmytrenko senior lecturer, assistant Yu.O.Ostapenko. On the basis of a laboratory and teaching materials YEAR in 1960 was created a separate department "Automation of chemical production", which is separated from the Department THP and Ohta in 1962 YEAR. In 1960 YEAR on faculty joined Candidate of Technical Sciences Vladimir Hladushko, occupying the post of associate professor and vice chair zaviduyuchoho THP and Ohta, headed by Rector O.S.Plyhunov.

From 1960 under the scientific leadership and V.I.Hladushka O.S.Plyhunova at the Department of THP and Ohta were rozhornuti the wide study of a new scientific field - theoretical bases and technology of phosphate and complex fertilizers, feed and food fosfativ. In March 1962 the department had regained set to graduate school and created a scientific research group (from 3, and soon of 5 full-time employees of) technology of mineral fertilizers and inorganic acids. March 1966 at the department were also zapochatkovani under the direction of assistant professor B.A.Zhydkova scientific research of physical and chemical bases and technology katalitychnyh processes of synthesis gas, the synthesis of ammonia, nitric acid cleaning exhaust gases from oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, technology katalizatoriv .

In 1968, the department THP and Ohta began training inzheneriv a new specialty "Basic processes of chemical production and chemical cybernetics". In 1972 YEAR group of teachers and graduates of the department THP Ohta and created a separate Department of Cybernetics chemical-engineering processes, headed by candidate of technical sciences assistant professor A.H.Bondar (later she defended her doctoral dissertation and received the title of professor).

After the death of Professor O.S.Plyhunova in 1975 year as chair zaviduyuchoho THP and Ohta was elected Professor V. Hladushko, who headed the department until March 1983.

In 1960 - 1982 years teachers, scientists and graduate students within the specified scientific field theory was created hidrolitychnyh transformations and thermal dehydration and some ortho polifosfornyh anioniv, obtained new data of in the composition and structure of condensed fosfativ calcium, developed theoretical I technological bases of concentrated fertilizer using dehydrated superfosfativ, recycling nefelinovyh shlamiv in technology of mineral fertilizers production (first in the former Soyuzi) a new type of fertilizer - the complex slurry fertilizer production kondytsiynyh feed phosphates with ekstraktsiynoyi phosphoric acid regeneration zalizohromovoho catalyst conversion of carbon monoxide, catalytic deactivation oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust nitrous gases, recycling nyzkoyakisnyh natural phosphates in fertilizers kompleksni more.

Priority scientific achievements department staff on this subject were recognized in the country and sviti. Bilshist with technological developments has been introduced in production, which allowed the chemical industry in the country to expand the resource base fertilizer and fertilizer range with new efficient their species, save raw materials and energy in the manufacture them, polipshyty ekolohichni indicators in the process technology INORGANIC substances. In 1966 the department was organized YEAR VI All-Union conference on technology INORGANIC substances and mineral fertilizers.

In 1969 YEAR V.I.Hladushko defended his doctoral thesis on "Studies fosfativ dehydrated calcium and development of technology for concentrated fertilizer based on them." In the next YEAR he was awarded the title of Professor of Technology inorganic substances.

From March 1983 THP department heads and Ohta Doctor of Sciences (1989), Professor (from 1990), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (since 1993) Igor Mikhailovich Astrelin. Under his leadership started in the 60 years the main scientific direction of the department is preserved, improved and developed. In 1985, on the basis of scientific department created scientific research laboratory complex himichnoyi use of raw materials and waste production staff of 15 scientists. Intensive development received fundamental research on the theory himichnyh changes I interactions heksaftorkremniyevyh anioniv and acid, hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives in technological systems, which are formed when pererobtsi natural fosfativ solutions individual heksaftorsylikativ and their mixture of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, to study the structure, properties and physical -himichnyh patterns of interaction synthetic natural l samples phosphate components FOREIGN Ukrainian and phosphate raw materials from non-traditional salt and acid reagents, the theoretical and applied aspects of the production of phosphoric acid and ekstraktsiynoyi new kinds of complex l phosphate fertilizers (amofosfat, prolonhovani biomineralni and fertilizers, etc.) with karbonatvmisnoyi nyzkoyakisnoyi phosphate raw materials to develop theoretical foundations utylizatsiyi ftorfosfatnyh waste sludge fertilizer production Ukraine, agricultural, alumina and metal waste, indirectly dressing products Ukrainian kaoliniv etc. in technologies fertilizer biohazu, INORGANIC koahulyantiv and other substances. At the same time a large proportion of research focuses on critical issues in applied ecology and sumizhnyh INORGANIC technologies: ochyschenni stichnyh industrial water, disposal of toxic impurities (hydrogen sulfide, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon) in industrial exhaust gas energy and transport.

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