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Qualifying examination


Ph.D. minimum for graduate students and postgraduate students in Ukraine

To admit to the defense of the thesis candidate or graduate student must pass the candidate's minimum.

Preparation of candidate's exams (candidate's minimum) is obligatory for awarding the scientific degree of the candidate of sciences, as well as for applicants of the scientific degree of the doctor of sciences, who do not have a scientific degree of the candidate of sciences. In addition, if the Doctor of Science is a candidate for a Ph.D. degree not in his specialty, he must complete a relevant candidate degree exam in this specialty.

The candidate's minimum is exams on the specialty of philosophy in a foreign language (English, German or French).

Perhaps the same as passing the third exam on the discipline of writing a dissertation in the case when it does not coincide with the discipline of the bark the applicant has received basic higher education.

It is necessary to obtain the admission on philosophy and history of the writing of the abstract, from a foreign language it can be a translation of the abstract, translation and annotation of 600 000 printed characters, translation from English to Russian in writing in the amount of 15 000 - 20 000 printed signs, filling out registration cards for completed translations, signed by the teacher. Similarly, admittance to the preparation of the candidate's degree will be issued only in the event that there are scientific publications in journals, reviewing the HAC.

Requirement for a lecture on a candidate's minimum
The basic requirements and rules of writing in each educational institution their, while the most common.
The theme of the abstract is selected with the scientific leader.
The volume of the abstract for the candidate's minimum of 15 to 20 pages is 14 font 1.5 intervals.
The work is determined by the depth and diligence of working out the literary material, the logic of the presentation, the independence of the analysis of the problem (only references to official publications and official internet sites, and the number of links to the Internet sites should be limited: not more than 1/3 of all used literature).

The introduction and conclusion should be meaningful analytical parts of the abstract.
The conclusion should summarize the content, reflect the most significant historical and scientific provisions of the abstract, accompanied by analytical estimates of the author in a volume of at least three pages. All quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks and have a link to the source of the citation.

List of used literature must meet the requirements of bibliographic description of scientific documents.
Candidate exams are accepted twice a year, in the form of sessions, the timing and duration of which are set directly by the higher educational institution, which conducts the admission of candidate's exams.

The foreign language task of the candidate's minimum may include:

  • translations of scientific articles on the topic of your dissertation,
  • written and oral translation of the text on the exam,
  • a story about yourself and oral topics,
  • conversation with examiners in English on matters related to the specialty and scientific work of the post-graduate student ...


In the task of philosophy or history included oral examinations in philosophy.
Upon completion of the candidate's minimum, a candidate for a candidate's degree must submit to the specialized academic council an original of the certificate and a copy thereof, certified in the prescribed manner.
A copy of the certificate of completed candidate examinations is placed in the first instance of the certification case and goes to the High Appraisal Commission. The original of the certificate is placed in the second copy of the certification case and stored in the dissertation council.

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