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Pre-diploma practice of bachеlors


In 2018, 24 undergraduate students of the Department passed pre-diploma practice.

Places of practice were various Kiev production and institutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, power engineering and many others.

The faculty is fully provided with the bases of pre-diploma practice.



In 2016, the practice was held by 40 students of the department.

Enterprise  Address  Number of students
Joint-Stock Energy Company "Kyivenergo" CHP-5 01013, Kiev, st. Promyshlennaya, 4  5
Joint-Stock Energy Company "Kyivenergo" CHP-6

02232, Kiev, st. Puhovskaya, 1a

SPP "Kiev Heating Networks", PJSC Kyivenergo 01033, Kiev, st. Gorky, 29  1
Euro-Reconstruction LLC (Darnitskaya CHP Plant, Kiev) 02094, Kiev, st. Red Guard, 20  10
Kiev Research and Development Design Institute "Energoproekt", PrJSC 01135, Kiev, Victory Avenue, 4  2
ZAO Pharmaceutical Firm "Darnitsa" 02093, Kiev, st. Boryspilska, 13  3
PJSC "Kievmedpreparat" 01032, Kiev, st. Saksaganskogo, 139  3
JSC "Farmak" 04080, Kiev, st. Frunze, 63 3
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 02094, Kiev, st. Murmansk, 1 2
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine 03142, Kiev, Academic Palladin Ave., 32/34 3
Institute of Sorption and Problems of Endoecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 03680, Kiev, st. General Naumov, 13 3
Institute of Physical Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine 03028, Kiev, 31 Science Ave. 3

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