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Laboratory and auditorium fund

Following laboratories are used in educational process and for conducting scientific research works:

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Laboratory №153-4

№ 152/153-4 (191,6 m2) is intended mainly for educational purposes, namely for the implementation of a laboratory practice in the disciplines: "Applied chemistry" for 2 groups of specialty 1 course; "Technical analysis, standardization, certification and quality management of products in the industry" for 2 groups of specialty 2 courses; "General Chemical Technology" for students of the FAculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, full-time and part-time study forms.

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Laboratory №162-4

№ 162-4 (180 m2) is educational laboratory, in which laboratory classes are conducted on disciplines "Chemical technology of inorganic substances", "Theoretical bases of chemistry and technology of water treatment" (2, 3 year); "Technology and equipment for the preparation of drinking and technical water", "Technology and equipment for wastewater treatment" (1 course, masters), as well as laboratory practice in the discipline "Technology of catalysts and catalytic processes", "Adsorption, adsorbents and catalysts on their basis" (1st year, masters). In addition, in the laboratory, students, graduates, graduate students and graduate students are constantly working in the laboratory. Also, the staff and teachers of the department (together with the students and students of the Academy of Sciences) work in the laboratory within the framework of the research and development work. Since 2010, the educational-demonstration plant for ultrafiltration of water, filtration and ion exchange has been operating in the laboratory;

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Laboratory № 157-4

№ 157-4 (67,8 m2) is educational computer laboratory in which there are two thermo analyzers (derivative), one of which is physically and programmatically connected with a personal computer. Here classes are held on disciplines: "Computer technologies in processes of inorganic production and water purification", "Designing of inorganic substances production", "Computer processing of information", "Applied chapters of Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances", "Informational support of scientific researches", "General chemical technology". The laboratory also performs calculations and drawings in the course of the scientific work, when students conduct specialty course papers and diploma projects and works. Personal computers (PCs) are also used by the staff of the department and students for scientific and applied calculations;

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Laboratory № 100-4

№100-4 (102,2 m2) is research laboratory on physico-chemical methods of analysis (saturated with precision equipment) is used during conducting research work, laboratory workshop on discipline "Precision methods of analysis of inorganic substances", performance of diploma and master's theses, dissertations;

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Room №150-4

№ 150-4 (39,2 m2) is O.S. Plyugunovs auditorium, which is secured by the chair of the Department. It is used in the afternoon for seminars, meetings of the department, for counseling on academic disciplines, course and diploma designing, presentations of master's theses;

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Laboratory № 039-4

№ 039-4 (80 m2) is research laboratory for solving current and future problem issues of the KHNP. It is used for conducting research work, postgraduate work, laboratory practice in the discipline "Innovative inorganic technologies", while performing diploma and master's works. Postgraduates and faculty members of the department work within the laboratory as part of the research and research work program;

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Laboratory № 018-4

№018-4 (80 m2) is scientific research laboratory with a number of unique experimental facilities. It is used for conducting research work in the framework of scientific student groups "Nanochemistry" and "Nanomaterials, nanotechnology", laboratory workshops on disciplines "Theoretical bases, technology and equipment of catalytic and adsorption processes", "Innovative inorganic technologies", as well as for research, research, candidate and master's theses;

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Laboratory № 225-4

№225-4 (29,4 m2) is used to carry out research works, master's and master's theses, laboratory workshops on disciplines "Adsorption, adsorbents and catalysts on their basis", "Theoretical bases, technology and equipment of catalytic processes" and "Theoretical bases, technology and equipment of adsorption processes", also in within the framework of the student circle "Nanochemistry".

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Laboratory devices


Lab equipment of the Department: 


рН-meter Portlab 102

  • рН-meter Portlab 102 with combined electrode and computer control:  

i 160mi

Ionomer И-160МИ

  • Ionomer И-160МИ is used for the potentiometric measurement of (direct and indirect) activity of hydrogen ions (pH), activity and concentration of other monovalent and divalent anions and cations (pX), oxidation-reduction potentials (Eh) and temperature in aqueous solutions. The ionomer provides the results of measurements in digital form and in the form of an analog DC voltage signal;
  • Portlab 202 for measuring the conductivity of aqueous solutions;
  • Dist-I - conductor-saltmeter, designed to measure the amount of salt content up to 9.9 g / dm3;
  • Dist-2 - conductor-saltmeter, designed to measure the salt content to 1 g / dm3;
    gas chromatograph "COLOR-500";
  • the ion chromatograph "COLOR-3006", intended for the analysis of mixtures of anions and cations in conductive liquid media, is used for the analysis of micro-impurities (in scientific research), as well as during the course work on SRW;
  • five gas analyzers: 123 FA - 2 units: 121 FA 01 - 2 units; 102 FA 01M -1 unit;



  • thermoanalyzers manufactured by the Hungarian optical factory "MOM" Derivatograf-Q and Derivatograf-Q-1500D. Designed for studying kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of phase and chemical transformations, for determining the thermophysical properties of substances, for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mechanical mixtures of several substances, etc.,
  • spectrophotometer "Spekord M-80" (production of Germany) serves to measure infrared spectra of transmission and display;
  • spectrophotometers "Spekord M-40", spectrophotometers СФ-4А and СФ-20 are intended for measurement of electronic spectra in UV and visible areas.
  • spectrophotometer Portlab 501 (England), removing spectra in the range of 320-900 nm;
  • spectrophotometer UV-5800PC removing spectra in the range 190-1100 nm;

366441222 w640 h640 unico 2150

Spectrophotometer UNICO 2150

  • spectrophotometer UNICO 2150;


Spectrophotometer ULАB 101

  • spectrophotometers ULAB 101 - 2 pcs;
  • aquadistable electric DE-04M;
  • electric bidder MICROmed DE-5C;
  • muffle oven CHO 12/1100 I4A;

home pechi

Muffle oven СНО 12/1300 И4А

  • muffle oven CHO 12/1300 I4A;
  • KERN scales are analytical ABJ 80-4NM (2nd class,0001 g.), with metrological calibration;
  • vacuum drying cabinet SV-50;
  • vacuum pump ROBINAIR;

Balanza Analítica Citizen CX22 BAC200546

Analytical scales Citizen CX 220

  • analytical scales Citizen CX 220;
  • voltammetric analyzer AVA-3 with analysis methods, personal computer and licensed Windows OS;
  • system BMS 6 for definition of BSC;
  • sinfection and washing machine PG 8583;

mp516 600x600

Laboratory oximeter with magnetic stirrer MP 516 ULAB

  • Laboratory oximeter with magnet stirrer MP 516, ULAB;


ТNTU CyberScan Delux TB 1000 turbine detector

  • NTU CyberScan Delux TB 1000 turbine detector with accessories;
  • ionizer И-160 MИ with electrodes 2 pcs;
  • moisture meter MG-44;
  • thermohygrometer TESTO 608 H-1.

At the disposal of researchers and students at the department are also: modern electronic scales (techno-chemical and analytical), X-ray spectrometer SPECTROSKAN, devices for determining the concentrations of metal ions, quality of petroleum products, pH-meters, photoelectrocolorimeters, titrators, ultrasonic dispersers УЗДН-2T (2 pcs.), optical microscopes, refractometers, sedimentographs, etc., which 100% ensure the current scientific works, courseworks, diploma and master's degree works.

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