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Group «Nanomaterials. Nanotechnology»

Leader: associate professor, Ph.D. Dontsova T.A.

The activity of the circle is aimed at the creation and use of nanomaterials in the environmental sphere. In addition to the experimental work within the framework of the circle, chemical modeling of the obtained nanostructures is carried out with the aim of their more efficient use.

Practically directed research is being conducted in the circle, namely, the use of waste products to convert them into products and research on soil quality through the definition of the composition of the air surrounding them.

Scientific topics:

  • Synthesis of GAP with a saccharant method
  • Synthesis of GAP using urea
  • Determination of acid-base properties of powders on the basis of a state of oxide
  • Receipt of magnetic sorbents with photocatalytic action
  • Magnetic sorption materials from waste from alumina production
  • Sorption properties of the latest nanocomposites based on AU
  • Synthesis of sorbent materials from red mud
  • Synthesis of modified nanocomposite magnetoerated sorbents with tungsten disulfide
  • Gas-phase synthesis of nanocrystalline metal oxides
  • Computer calculation of geometric and energy parameters of metal-oxide systems
  • Synthesis of modified nanocomposite magnetoerated sorbents with molybdenum disulfide
  • Computer modeling of metal-oxide structures
  • Functional reagents from waste alumina production
  • Determination of soil quality
  • Design of metal oxide structures in the Diamod program

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