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According to the curriculum, the following types of practice are foreseen in the Faculty of Chemical TEchnology: pre-diploma practice of bachelors - 5 weeks in April-May at the end of the 4th year, practice in the 2nd year of the second (master's) level: pre-diploma masters of professional orientation - lasting 8 weeks; scientific research masters of a scientific direction lasted 5 weeks and pedagogical practice of postgraduate students of the second year of study - duration of 2 weeks.

Providing practice bases is 100%.

In total in 2018, the practice was:

pre-diploma (bachelors, 4 year) - 24 students;
pre-diploma (masters, 2 year) - 20 students;
scientific research (masters, 2 year) - 19 students;
pedagogical (doctor of philosophy, 2 year) - 1 postgraduate student.


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